Solvo.Yard automates such processes as: preliminary notification about truck arrival and departure; truck operations planning; distribution of trucks by dock and processing areas; truck permit at the checkpoint; truck waiting area and yard operations management.


Solvo.Yard comprehensively automates such processes of the railway operations as:

  • Receiving information from electronic database of railway operators about the arriving schedule of freight trains , ETA, as like about railcars sizes and other characteristics
  • Data exchange with external systems of railway operators and public authorities
  • Planning freight wagons placing on railway tracks for cargo handling operation
  • Automatic identification of freight trains and cargo acceptance using OCR, RFID and other Auto ID technologies
  • Delivery of railcars for loading/unloading
  • Empty railcar stock management
  • Cargo handling equipment management
  • Multi-stage weighing

On the road transport the Solvo.Yard automates the following operations:

  • Collection and processing of data from applications for truck visits
  • Organization for the entry to the compound of the logistics facility without congestion, traffic jams and transport downtime
  • Accounting for the possibility of unscheduled truck visits
  • Self-registration of drivers at the checkpoint and automated emission of passes
  • Safety instruction for external drivers
  • Regulation of the truck driving on the compound of the logistics facility with the possibility to print a route sheets and send step-by-step SMS instructions
  • Real time monitoring of truck visits using Auto ID technologies
  • Stage control
  • Internal integration with other accounting systems and equipment of the logistic facility.

And much more, including preparation of bills of lading and data exchange between vehicle and

The functionality of the modular and flexible Solvo.Yard system is selected and configured individually for the specific tasks of each company , may include a variety of additional options and add On-Modules.

System structure



Features and Benefits

  • Driver self-service kiosk (Stationary kiosks with touch-screen display enables drivers to register their own visit)
  • Preliminary truck visit registration
  • Truck routing: manual & automatic
  • Driver task and notification generator

Core technologies

  • Dynamic vehicle routing
  • Self-service kiosks for truck-drivers
  • SMS-notification
  • Auto-ID




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